Resources Offering Training Opportunities

Title: Charity Village Campus – Courses on Fundraising Strategies
Description: Charity Village advertises courses on fundraising principles and strategies, on how to write a grant proposal, and how to create a case for support. Please, click on the link below for further details.
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Description: To demonstrate its commitment to capacity building in all regions of the world, DIVERSITAS is pleased to act as a clearing house for announcements related to training and education. Interested parties should contact the host institution/organization for additional information.
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Title: Grant Development Services (GDS)
Description: Grant Development Services (GDS) is the fundraising consulting division of Metasoft Systems and offers a full portfolio of fundraising services, support and strategic planning advice to non-profit and charitable organizations throughout North America.
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Title: Ken Wyman & Associates Inc.
Description: International training and consultations for charities and non-profit groups that need to learn how to raise funds and work with volunteers. Regular speaker at the International Fund Raising Workshop in Holland. Certified Fund Raising Executive, and winner of the Fund Raising Executive of the Year award. Author of seven books, host of a video series broadcast on educational TV.
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Title: The Foundation Centre – Books and Courses about Fundraising
Description: The Foundation Centre publishes books and offers training courses both online and in the classroom at various levels, to help you learn about the world of foundations and the process of identifying foundations as potential funders.
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Title: The Global Diversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Description: The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an international organization that is working to make the world's biodiversity data accessible anywhere in the world. It operates a training programme to build up skills and knowledge needed by researchers and institutions to make their biodiversity data available through GBIF and to benefit from others’ available data. This training programme comprises courses that are generally free of charge. Subject to evaluation and approval, GBIF will cover the travel and accommodation costs as well as the per diem expenses of the selected trainees. Eligibility for support is determined separately for each course.
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Title: The Land Conservancy of British Columbia
Description: Tim Maloney, Director of Advancement, can provide fund raising training workshops and assist in the development of fund raising strategies for your organization on a contract basis. Contact him to discuss his service offer and availability.
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Title: The Natural Step Canada’s eLearning
Description: The Natural Step Canada is a non-profit organization providing results orientated advisory and training services to help community and business leaders integrate social, environmental and economic decision making into their operations with a holistic, proven and scientifically-rigorous framework. On-line courses are offered that provide practical sustainability education to a broad base of business, government, and municipal organizations that want to strategically move towards sustainability.
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Title: The Natural Step’s International Master’s Programme
Description: The Natural Step offers an international Master’s programme ‘Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability’, in Sweden. Trainees dedicate themselves to a year of learning the science, a strategic framework and the practical tools to implement sustainable changes within organizations.
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Title: The Sustainability Network
Description: The Sustainability Network provides programs and services to Canadian environmental leaders and non-profit organizations to help them improve their leadership skills and foster organizational development. The Sustainability Network website contains information on service providers that can help environmental non-profits, and links to Internet-based information on NGO management issues. Information is also presented on a series of training workshops, forums and online courses, direct management assistance, bursaries and other activities that help build capacity in the environmental sector.
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