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Title: Developing Feasibility Studies for the Creation of New Botanic Gardens
Description: Volume 3 Number 10 - June 2003
P.S. Wyse Jackson

The aim of this article is to provide some basic guidelines for those considering the establishment of a new botanic garden, to review the feasibility of their projects and to highlight priority areas of concern. These guidelines may also be useful for those undertaking a significant review of the functions, programmes and future of an existing botanic garden too.
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Title: Education Planning for Financial Survival
Description: Barbara McKean, Royal Botanic Gardens, Canada
Roots Volume 2 Number 2 - October 2005
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Title: Environmental Education in Botanic Gardens - Guidelines for Developing Individual Strategies
Description: Number 9 - July 1994
J. Willison

Due to financial constraints, botanic garden educators are increasingly having to look at ways of funding their education programmes. Fund raising is a skill that has to be learned. There is enormous competition for charitable funds and donations. If educators are to do the job successfully they need:
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Title: From Stategy to Action: Making Stategic Plans Happen
Description: F. Howarth, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - 1999

Strategic plans can be made to achieve change, to achieve outcomes or they can be made to fail. The choice is generally ours. This brief roundup presentation looks at some of the key things not to do in implementing strategic plans and some of the factors that do achieve success.
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Title: Funding Botanic Gardens and Arboreta in the 21st Century
Description: Volume 2 Number 5 - August 1995
Peter J. Olin

The purpose of this paper is to explore funding concepts for arboreta and botanic gardens in the 21st century. Some gardens are planning supplements to the funding received by their home institutions (government, university, trust) but others are blindly moving forward assuming nothing will change. Though funding relates directly to programs, collection policies, amenities and management strategies, this paper will explore only funding.

On this page, you will find links to more tips dedicated to educators or botanical gardens.
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Title: Funding for Educators
Description: Funding, or the lack thereof, is the bugbear of many botanic garden education departments. Often it is a case of making sure we use the resources we have to the best of our abilities, applying our own creativity to the situation. Importantly we can also use evaluation (see section on evaluation) to ensure that the funds we have are being used effectively and to prove ourselves to potential funders, and senior management.
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Title: Funding Your Botanic Garden
Description: Funding is the most important thing to a botanic garden, without money there will be no plants. This file contains a list of useful links that will provide an introduction to complexities of trying to fund a botanic garden.
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Title: Grant Proposal Writing Tips
Description: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting evaluates hundreds of proposals each year for a variety of funding purposes. This publication is an easy guide to the basic elements of grant proposal writing and is offered to assist applicants to CPB and to other funding sources. It offers guideposts to help you through each stage of the process.
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Title: Proposal Writing - The Basic Steps in Planning and Writing
Description: A PDF document by E. Rinehart and B. Bouie-Scott, published and revised in Augsut 2003 by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.
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Title: Strategies for Effective Proposal Writing
Description: PDF guide published by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition.
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Title: The Oro Verde Botanic Garden at Paraná, Argentina
Description: Volume 2 Number 10 - March 1998
J. de Dios Muñoz

The Oro Verde Botanic Garden is situated in the Province of Entre Rios, which contains representatives of four different types of vegetation, making it particularly interesting for botanists. Paradoxically, no botanic gardens or protected areas had previously been created to preserve this type of vegetation.
The botanical garden's director describes the main steps he and his crew went through to raise funds for establishing this institution and using it as a model project for the country.
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Title: The Search for Funding - Strategies for Success
Description: Number 18 - July 1999
P.S. Wyse Jackson

Botanic gardens need to plan carefully if their fund-raising efforts are to be successful. The search for funding is not an easy task; it requires determination, persistence, imagination and good humour. Botanic gardens need to decide what they want to achieve in the short, medium and long term and develop a clear strategy for fund-raising. This author describes the key steps to be followed by fundraisers.
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Title: To the Heart of the Matter
Description: A PDF of a presentation given by Tim Maloney, The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, to the Columbia Valley Botanical Gardens & Centre for Sustainable Living, January 13, 2008. It presents key elements in successful fund raising. Thanks to Tim for the use of this excellent information.
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Title: Using the Internet to Raise Money
Description: Number 18 - October 2007
S. Dixon

The explosion in social media on the Internet has been creatively adapted by some organizations to raise funds for their projects. The Web can give you fast, cheap access to a niche audience of people who are interested in your work and this can be leveraged to mutual advantage.
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Title: Writing Proposals
Description: J. Saffell, Cyber-Sierra website

J. Saffell gives hints on how to write a grant proposal on her personal website, which deals with various fundraising issues. Check it out!
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