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The mission of this Website is to serve as a resource to support outreach efforts of Canadian botanical gardens, museums and zoos related to plant conservation. The Canadian Outreach Guide to Plant Biodiversity Education will gather existing expertise from our partner institutions to create an evolving database where activities, info, links, etc. are shared within the network of Canadian botanical gardens.

Biological diversity is of vital importance for the health and well being of all life. Yet natural habitats are being destroyed at an alarmingly accelerated pace, threatening the source of the diversity on which we depend. In protecting biodiversity, the importance of plants must not be overlooked. With the ability to harness energy from the sun and produce oxygen, plants are the basis of life on earth.

To adequately protect plants and their habitats, conservation efforts and public awareness of these efforts must improve. Canadian Botanical Gardens host over 4.5 million visitors per year and are important science and educational facilities, providing leadership in plant conservation and public education.


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