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Name:Canadian Museum of Nature
Description:Botany Collections: the National Herbarium of Canada

The National Herbarium of the Canadian Museum of Nature has grown from lengthy and auspicious roots. The plant collections of the Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada were officially incorporated into a museum department in 1882. The Canadian National Herbarium has since then been divided into four separate herbaria: vascular plants, algae, lichens and bryophytes. Today Nature's four herbaria together contain over one million plant specimens.

The Vascular Plant Collection is one of the largest in Canada. It offers an excellent representation of native species from north temperate regions, with a strong emphasis on Canadian species. There are 575,000 specimens, including ca. 2,500 type specimens. The Lichen Collection includes the largest holdings of Canadian lichens in the world. The collection currently contains 111,500 catalogued specimens, including ca. 750 type specimens. The Bryophyte Collection contains 225,000 moss specimens, about 25,000 hepatics, and ca. 950 type specimens. The Algae Collection contains 65,000 specimens, including macro and microalgae. There are ca. 300 type specimens.
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Contact info:Jennifer Doubt Chief Collection Manager, Botany Section Collection Services Tel.: 613.364.4076 Fax: 613364.4027 Email: Pak Yau Wong Collection Manager (Lichens), Botany Section Collection Services Tel.: 613.364.4082 Fax: 613.364.4027 Email:

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