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Title Theme Topic Audience
Measuring plant diversity: Identifying Native Plants Discovering Biodiversity Identifying Plant Species/Diversity Grades 10-12 (Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, possible)
True / False: Biodiversity Edition Support Activity Explore issues related to biodiversity and biodiversity conservation. Grades 7-9 and 10-12, adults, elders  
Tracing Roots and Routes Discovering Biodiversity Introduction to the threat that invasive species represent for biodiversity Grades 6-9  
Tossing the Compost Support Activity Compost and soils K-6  
The Story of the Creation of the World (Huron-Wendat Version) Discovering Biodiversity First Nations and Biodiversity Primary school 2nd cycle (K-3, 4-6)  
Soil pH & Plants Discovering Biodiversity links between plants and their environment Grade 7-9, grade 10-12+  
Preparing a Herbarium Discovering Biodiversity Plant pressing all  
Pond Succession Murals Support Activity Students get aware of the changing nature of ecosystems via the study of a pond succession Pupils aged 13 to 17.  
Plant Name Exploration Discovering Biodiversity Introducing the concept of plant names - scientific and common Grades 4-6, adults.  
Plant Imagery Discovering Biodiversity Encouraging participants to realize the diversity of plants and their parts. For 5-year-olds and older.  
Plant Features Scavenger Hike 2 Discovering Biodiversity Observation of plant features and characteristics All. Students may work alone or in pairs.  
Nature by Numbers Discovering Biodiversity See how plant are diverse through mathematics Grades 8-10 and 10-12  
Meet a Plant - Up Close and Personal Discovering Biodiversity Exploring plant characteristics to appreciate plants, adaptations and diversity 4-6  
Measuring plant diversity: Identifying Native Plants Discovering Biodiversity Identifying Plant Species/Diversity Grades 10-12 (Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, possible)  
Investigating Plants Support Activity Seed: structure and germination; Plants: requirements and growth; Museum based programme grade 3  
Heritage Garden Feild Day Conserving Biodiversity K-12  
Habitat Mural (emphasis on plants) Discovering Biodiversity a preparation activity, for vocabulary and concepts Grade 4-6  
Guidelines & Suggestions for Collecting Herbarium Specimens Support Activity Collecting Herbarium Specimens all  
Growing Native Plants from Seed Discovering Biodiversity seed diversity and germination Grade K-3 essentially  
Go Green Discovering Biodiversity Appreciation of biodiversity through awareness of colour variety All  
Fire Ecology Discovering Biodiversity Plant regeneration after a prairie fire Grades 7-12  
Ecosystem (Forest) in a Jar Discovering Biodiversity Monitoring Succession Grades 10 to 12.  
Discovering Dichotomous Keys Discovering Biodiversity This activity introduces the notion of taxonomy and dichotomous keys. Grades 7-9.  
Cutting and Collecting Woody Plants Support Activity collection of woody plant parts for use in biodiversity activities All  
Creating Herbarium Specimens Discovering Biodiversity How to preserve plant specimens all  
Colour Me Discovering Biodiversity Discovering plant diversity in terms of colors all  
Biodiversity Word Walk Discovering Biodiversity Illustration of the word diversity in a natural area Junior: Grades 4-7  
Biodiversity Trust Games Discovering Biodiversity Interconnection of organisms within ecosystems Grades 7-9  
Biodiversity Identification Race Discovering Biodiversity Plant identification All  
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